We are now the Authorised Dealer of KPLUS

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We are now the Authorised Dealer of KPLUS

In today's cycling culture, the role of bicycle helmets has been elevated from "safety accessories" to "self-style display", so we also regard bicycle helmets as one of the important accessories for cycling. It is hoped that the abstract term "safety" will be concretely presented through a product design style that is fashionable, independent and avant-garde, and full of humanized details. By providing a variety of high-quality, breathable and comfortable bicycle helmet products with a sense of design, all kinds of riders who enjoy different riding pleasures can find a bicycle helmet of their own, and further protect the motivation and motivation of each riding. pleasure.


Brand core system
Since its establishment in 2014, KPLUS has always been moving towards the ultimate craftsmanship, while combining with the concept of sports fashion. Beginning in 2017, we will continue to innovate in technology and technology, and introduce a new certification and identification mark [PLUS INFINITY] that is exclusive to the core system of the KPLUS brand. In the future, for each KPLUS hat, we will use this system certification mark to promise that all consumers who buy KPLUS products can enjoy the following features of our bicycle helmet products: [ PLUS INFINITY ] Possesses EXQUISITE[ refined ] , FIT[combination], DRY[cool], SAFETY[solid] and so on.


We will create and endow bicycle helmet products with new meanings and infinite possibilities. We hope to provide a more accurate humanized experience and avant-garde design aesthetics in the products so that all riders who love riding and value fashion can wear them with peace of mind, look happy, and ride with confidence!




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