Redemption of TITAN V1

Please complete all the steps, especially step 6.

An incomplete step will cause a delay in the collection time and we will only respond after receiving the WhatsApp.

  • Steps to redeem:

    1. Add this product to cart & press "CHECK OUT".
    2. Key in your Email contact information, Shipping/Billing address & phone number.
    3. Press "Continue to payment".
    4. At "Discount code", key in the one-time unique redemption code sent to you.
    5. Once you key in the redemption code, the bicycle will be $0. 
      You can proceed to press "Complete order" once the redemption code is claimed.
    6. After completing the order, check your email for the invoice. Once you receive the invoice, do WHATSAPP US @ 8862 0922 with your Order Number and we will send you a google form to fill in the necessary details. (Your order may be delayed if we did not receive your WHATSAPP.)