TITAN V1 Guide

We would like to welcome you to our TITAN family!

Before your ride, here’s some quick tips for you:

Basic Guide to get started on your TITAN V1

How to fold your bicycle

How to unfold your bicycle

How to trolley your bicycle

Basic dos and don’ts

- Before every ride, check that the brakes are working properly.

- Before every ride, ensure all accessories & latches are secured properly — for example pedals, handlebar, seat, folding latch and so on.

- Pump your tyre once every 2 weeks. Check the recommended tyre pressure indicated on the side of the tyre wall.

- Use the correct bicycle chain lube for your chain.

- Don’t spray oil at or near the brake system.

Basic maintenance

Bicycle Basic maintenance

  1. Washing your bike
    Muc-Off Nano Tech Bike Cleaner $23.80
  2. Keep your bike sparkling shine
    Muc-Off Silicon Shine $22.80
  3. Lub your bike chain for smooth riding
    Muc-Off Bicycle Dry Weather Lube $12.90
  4. Clean your bike chain for smooth riding
    Muc-Off Bio Chain Cleaner $19.80
  5. Clean and rehydrate your bike brake system (Improve brake and reduce brake squeal)
    Muc-Off Disc Brake Cleaner $23.80
  6. Regularly pumping your tyre for optimal riding
    Xiaomi Portable Electric Air Compressor 1S $49.90
  7. Bike Rain/Dust Cover, a must when you park outdoor
    Bicycle Rain / Dust Cover $6.90
  8. Antibacterial and Deodorizing Spray (For Helmet/Saddle/Grip)
    KPLUS Ag+ MIST SPRAY 150ml $35
*Price is correct as of 12/9/22

Compatible accessories

Titan V1 Accessories

  1. Basic Bottle Cage - Black $1.90
    Full Bottle Cage Collection click here.
  2. Machfally 180 Lumens Front Light $13.90
    Full Light collection click here.
  3. GUB P30 Phone holder - Black $14.80
    Full Phone Holder collection click here.
  4. ROCKBROS Front Multipurpose Bag $45.90
    Full Bag collection click here.
  5. 2/3-Hole Aluminum Block Adapter - Gold $22.90
    Full Block Adapter collection click here.
  6. Litepro Quick Release Pedals - Black $31.90
    Full Pedals collection click here.
  7. Mudguard for 16" to 20" $5.90
  8. Moon Orion-R $32
    Full Light collection click here.
  9. Selle Royal Saddle Seat 5550U $28
    Full Saddle collection click here.
*Price is correct as of 12/9/22

Rules and regulations

Where to ride

For full details and latest rules and code of conduct visit here.

*Information is correct as of 3 April 2020