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Coolzy-Pro Personal Air Conditioner

Coolzy-Pro Personal Air Conditioner

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Coolzy-Pro Personal Air Conditioner

The best cooling capacity

So portable, small, and efficient. Just plug it in and go. No exhaust hose, installation, or window kit is necessary.

Ideal for bedrooms, offices, sheds, garages, patios, caravans, tents, boats or wherever 240V power is available.

The Coolzy-Pro Portable Air Conditioner cools people, not rooms by providing a constant stream of cool refrigerated air from the front of the unit and a small amount of warm air from the rear of the unit. In large spaces, this warm air usually dissipates however in smaller rooms, the warm air needs to be vented by leaving a door or window open.

Works with batteries, solar with suitable inverter (not supplied), also small generators. Wherever you need direct cooling – it will keep you cool and comfortable!.



  • Three-speed operation – low, medium, high
  • Easily portable at 15.4kg with four wheels and carry handles
  • Temperature control
  • Remote control
  • Focus Enhancer included
  • Functionality to switch between a refrigerated air conditioner and a fan
  • No consumables required
  • Compatible with 220 – 240 Volts ~50 Hz
  • Uses just 340 Watts of electricity – at least 70% less than standard portable air con units
  • 1100 Watts cooling capacity
  • Removable tray for condensation water removal/emptying
  • R290 Gas
  • 2 years local warranty

Coolzy-Pro Personal Air Conditioner



  • Since Coolzy has no exhaust hose, surely the warm air must heat the room?
    • Coolzy releases only 300 Watts, similar to three people in the room. Coolzy directs its warm air exhaust to the ceiling where the heat is absorbed, just like the warmth from your fridge which you don’t notice (warm air rises naturally). Any excess finds its way out of open windows or doors.
  • What size room does Coolzy cool?
    • Coolzy works in any room, even outside in sheltered places. It creates a micro-climate, a cool zone, up to 4-5 square metres.
  • How far away can Coolzy be effective?
    • We recommend keeping Coolzy near you, no more than 1 or 2 metres away. If you need it further away.
  • How do I clean the filters?
    • Here is a short video to explain 

  • How often should I clean the filters?
    • You should remember to clean the filters every two weeks or so.
      You can do this less often once you have experience using your air conditioner and you can judge when to clean the filters for yourself.


  • The room seems to warm up
    • Symptoms: the room becomes noticeably warmer with Coolzy running.

    • Explanation: the room seems to get warmer because you get used to the cool air from Coolzy.

      In a well-insulated small room with doors and windows closed, the room temperature can increase slightly, just as it would with two or three people in the room.

      Coolzy emits about the same heat as three people. However, as you become used to the cool micro-climate that Coolzy provides for you, the other parts of the room will seem to be warmer even if there is no measurable temperature change.

      Note that the warm air emerging from the rear of the AC demonstrates it is working properly.  A kitchen refrigerator creates a similar amount of warm air at the back.

    • Cures: keep a door or window open – this is a healthy option in any case. Unlike normal room air conditioners, Coolzy works just as well with open doors and windows and fresh air circulating.

      If you cannot keep a door open and you like the curtains fully closed to keep out the light, consider the following solution from one of our customers. She placed her air conditioner about 15 cm from the wall beneath an open window and draped the curtain over the middle so the warmer air went straight out of the window.

    • If you only have short curtains, elevate your air conditioner on a small table.

    • In a small, insulated room, consider placing Coolzy in the doorway as shown here.


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