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iWA A01HD Horizontal Stand and Car Carrier Combo

iWA A01HD Horizontal Stand and Car Carrier Combo

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Introducing iWA A01HD: The Ultimate Horizontal Stand and Car Carrier Combo!

Say goodbye to the hassle of transporting your bike with our iWA A01HD, the perfect solution for everyday use and on-the-go adventures. This versatile stand seamlessly transforms into a car carrier, allowing you to take your bike wherever you go without any fuss.

Key Features:

- Horizontal stand and car carrier in one: Easily switch between everyday use and car transportation by loading it into your vehicle.
- Multi-carrier functionality: Ideal for temporary storage, pre-cycling preparations, and car washing without water.
- Convenient tire insertion: When placed horizontally, simply insert the tire for effortless setup.
- Secure bike transportation: Front wheel and bicycle can be secured separately when mounted on the car, preventing tire rolling.
- Compatibility with disc brake and thru axle road bikes: Versatile enough to accommodate various bike types.
- Firm and simple installation: Ensures a secure hold for your bike, allowing washing of bike with foam cleaners that don't use water.

Easy design, just plug your road bike into the stand

The three resin parts (made of high-strength resin) firmly support the tire, so
even though you just insert them, both the front and rear wheels, quick release and thru axle, are securely fixed!


The bicycle and front wheel can be secured separately when mounted on a vehicle.

Since the bicycle and front wheel can be fixed separately, the space inside the car can be used effectively and can be stored neatly.
It's firmly fixed, so you don't have to worry about the tire rolling while driving.

You can load it into your car and use it as a horizontal stand at the site.

It can be used as an in-vehicle carrier or a horizontal stand, so when temporarily storing it on-site, just plug it in and it's stress-free.
Perfect for a little preparation for cycling!


Stability that does not wobble even with minor maintenance or car washes

Since the tires are firmly sandwiched between resin parts, the bike remains stable even when minor maintenance such as pumping air or replacing pedals, or cleaning thoroughly with a waterless foam cleaner, etc.


Can be mounted on various cars

We design and test drive as many cars as possible, including small SUVs, station wagons, minivans, and tall wagons.


Compact and lightweight body

It has a compact size of 600 mm in height, 400 mm in width, and 420 mm in depth, and weighs only 2.24 kg.
We have made the stand lightweight so that it can be carried easily.


Commitment to magic tape

The bike is secured to the car by attaching Velcro to the car's carpet.
For this reason, we use Velcro tape that is strong enough to pass the JIS standards of domestic manufacturers, which is used as a genuine in-vehicle part by major automakers.


Over 100 hours of test driving

In order to ensure that you can transport your precious bicycle with peace of mind as an in-vehicle carrier, we
have completed over 100 hours of test driving in various locations and driving methods to commercialize this product.
(Tested on a road bike/8kg)
*This does not guarantee the uprightness of the bicycle.


Compatible Bikes:

- When placed horizontally: Road bike, cross bike, cyclocross bike, gravel bike, mountain bike, minivelo (18 inches or more)
- When mounted on vehicle: Quick release compatible, thru axle (12mm) compatible
- Tire width: Up to 650c=60mm, up to 700c=35c
- *We recommend securing your bicycle using a separate belt.*

We use a method of attaching Velcro to the carrier and the carpet in the luggage compartment of your car. If the floor of the luggage compartment is made of resin or metal, please use the enclosed adhesive back Velcro female to attach it to the area of ​​your car where you want to secure the bike.
*If you want to bite the carpet in the luggage compartment, you can change the position in the luggage compartment or use it in another car, but if the luggage compartment of your car is not carpeted, please attach a female velcro tape. Please note that you cannot reposition it afterward, so you cannot change its position in the luggage compartment.
[We recommend that you check whether it can be installed in your car before purchasing]
Please remove the front wheel of the road bike you want to put on it, place it on your car, and lift the bike by hand about 8cm.
At that time, check to make sure that the saddle and handlebars do not interfere with the ceiling of the luggage compartment or the back door.
*You may have to lower the seat post or remove the saddle if necessary.
*Depending on the slope of your car or luggage compartment, you may not be able to mount the bike unless you move the bike quite close to the driver's or passenger's seat.
*If the bike interferes with the back door or back glass, it may damage the bike or car or cause damage to the glass, so please allow a little extra time when installing.

  • Note: Thru axle shaft is not included. Please fix it with the thru axle shaft you are currently using, or prepare a separate one that matches your bike.
  • Please refrain from sudden starts, accelerations, decelerations, turns, or stops while driving, as they may cause the bicycle to fall over. Your safety is paramount, so please avoid these actions.
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