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iWA A01V Special - Black

iWA A01V Special - Black

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Introducing iWA A01V Special: The Ultimate Space-Saving Bike Stand.

Are you tired of struggling to find a convenient spot to store your sports bike? Look no further! Our A01V Special is here to revolutionize your bike storage experience.


Key Features:

- Auto-Locking Convenience: Say goodbye to complex installation processes! With our auto-locking system, securing your bike is as easy as pie. Just insert the front wheel, and your bike is securely fixed in place. Plus, releasing it is a breeze with just one hand.

- Versatile Bike Placement: Flexibility is at your fingertips. The A01V Special allows you to store your sports bike either vertically or horizontally, making it a perfect fit for any space. Whether you have a compact entryway or a cozy apartment room, we've got you covered.

- Easy Adjustments: Customize your storage to suit your needs. The rim stopper can be attached to either the left or right side, allowing you to install it anywhere you prefer. Our innovative resin parts (registered design) on the base are pre-installed, simplifying the process of accommodating various bike types.

- Simple Maintenance: We believe in making your life easier. Not only does our stand provide exceptional stability, but it also allows you to perform basic maintenance tasks like replacing bar tape with ease.

- Wide Compatibility: The A01V Special is designed to cater to all bike enthusiasts. It's compatible with through axles and disc brakes, ensuring it can accommodate a wide range of bike models.

Experience the future of bike storage with the A01V Special from iWA. Made in Japan, it's super stable and can withstand up to 30kg of bike weight, unlike common stands found elsewhere.

Upgrade your bike storage game today!


Compatible bikes

  • Road bike, cross bike, mountain bike, minivelo, cyclocross, gravel bike, e-bike, semi-fat bike
  • Tire diameter: 20-29 inches (up to 165cm in length from the floor to the front hub with the bicycle standing)
  • Tire width: up to 82mm (3.2 inches)

iWA A01V Special

Can be installed both vertically and horizontally

Thanks to our patented adjustable resin parts, you have the flexibility to store your bike on the stand either vertically or horizontally, catering to your space and preferences. The resin parts on the base come pre-installed, making it a breeze to accommodate various bike types with just a few simple adjustments. Not only does this stand provide exceptional stability, but it also empowers you to effortlessly perform basic maintenance tasks, such as replacing bar tape.

iWA A01V Special

Easily fixed and released by simply pushing the front wheel

Our auto-locking system simplifies bike storage. Just insert the front wheel, and your bike is securely fixed in place. When you're ready to go, it's effortlessly released with just one hand. Additionally, you have the flexibility to attach the rim stopper on either the left or right side, giving you the freedom to install it wherever suits you best.

iWA A01V Special

You can store your bicycle on the stand after you get home.

With the A01V Special, your bike's tires won't make contact with your walls or floors, ensuring a clean and stain-free environment. This makes it an ideal storage solution not only for bedrooms and living spaces but also for entryways and apartments. You can confidently store your bike on the stand without the need to worry about cleaning it every time you return home.

iWA A01V Special

Bike-friendly locking mechanism with a high degree of freedom

Our innovative bike-friendly fixing method ensures that your bike is securely stored on the stand without causing any damage. Moreover, it supports locking on the right side, giving you the freedom to arrange your storage layout as you see fit. Even when multiple bikes are lined up side by side, retrieving your bike remains hassle-free and effortless.

iWA A01V Special

Outstanding stability

Our mechanical design prioritizes exceptional stability, securely anchoring your bike even in windy conditions. Please note that while we ensure excellent stability, upright positioning is not guaranteed in all situations.

iWA A01V Special

Introducing the popular Celeste color

Introducing the ever-popular Celeste color with identical specifications. Now, you have the freedom to choose your favorite color to perfectly complement your bike or match the ambiance of your chosen installation location.


Detailed specifications

body size (Approx.) Width 53cm x Depth 65cm x Height 146~182.5cm
Material Steel (wheel holder PE coating)
Body weight (approx.) 7.2kg
Compatible tire width Up to 82mm (3.2 inches)
Front wheel height
(tire height + rim height)
Up to 90mm (tire height + rim height)
*700c wheels are compatible with rim heights up to 60mm
Load capacity 30kg
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