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iWA Tower - Black

iWA Tower - Black

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Introducing iWA TOWER: The Ultimate Freestanding 2-Bike Stand.

Are you tired of struggling to find a convenient spot to store multiple bikes? Look no further! Our iWA TOWER is here to revolutionize your bike storage experience.

Key Features:

- Light maintenance: Keep your bikes in top condition with easy access for maintenance tasks.
- Compatible with many types of bikes: Whether you have a road bike, MTB, e-bike, or even a fat bike, the iWA TOWER can accommodate them all.
- Store your bike with care: The stand is designed to hold your bike securely without causing damage.
- No need for drilling: Say goodbye to wall damage! Our stand requires no drilling, preserving the integrity of your walls.
- Adjustable: Customize the stand to fit your bikes perfectly with adjustable hanger height, hook width, and hook angle.
- Gentle on your bike: Silicone material ensures that your bike is held securely and gently, preventing scratches.
- Includes belt for extra security: Keep your bikes firmly in place with the included belt to secure the front wheels.
- Supports heavy bikes: With a weight capacity of 25kg per bike, our stand can easily support even the heaviest of bikes.
- Designed for cleanliness: Keep your room clean and tidy with features that prevent tire contact with floors or walls.

Freestanding 2-bike stand

The self-standing stand is easy to set up and can be easily moved for cleaning or redecorating the room. It does not use the ceiling like a support rod type, so there is no need to worry about the strength of the stairwell or the ceiling.


Resin parts can hold the bike by simply inserting the tire.

For easy maintenance & parts replacement!


Supported by the top tube makes put large bikes and heavy bikes possible!

It is sturdy enough to carry up to 25 kg per bike, and can even carry two heavy bikes, such as a mountain bike and an e-bike.
※Acceptable Tire width (when using plastic parts) : under 82 mm (3.2 inch)


Silicone material held bike gently.

The hooks that contact the bike frame are silicone covered to hold it gently and securely.


When storing one bike, you can hang your cycle equipment on the available hooks.


Includes belt to secure front wheels.

The included Velcro keep the bike upright and stable, and the handlebars can be secured to reduce the risk of damaging the wheels or staining the walls.


To keep room clean

Tires do not contact floors or walls / Rubberized to floor contact parts / Prevent contact between handle and wall.


It saves space because the bikes can be stored upright.




- Size: Approximately W500-820 x D550 x H2150 mm
- Material: Steel, high-strength resin (tire contact part), silicone (bike contact part), rubber (floor contact)
- Weight: Approximately 11 kg
- Acceptable tire width: Up to 82 mm (3.2 inches)
- Weight capacity: 25 kg per bike (total 50 kg)
- Hook working range : angle -17°~+17° / width 30~40 (cm)
- Color options: Black and silver / Black / White

- Please do not use a bike without a top tube, as it cannot be held stable.
- Ensure proper tightening to prevent unexpected movement of bikes.
- Do not exceed the load capacity or use bikes with long overall lengths.
- Hook marks may stain the surface of the frame depending on the paint composition.  If you are concerned about discoloration, wrap a cloth around the hooks to prevent direct contact with the frame
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