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iWA1 PRO maintenance & display bike stand - Red

iWA1 PRO maintenance & display bike stand - Red

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Introducing iWA1 Pro: The Versatile Display and Maintenance Bike Stand.

Looking for a multifunctional stand that caters to both display and maintenance needs for your bike? Look no further than our iWA1 Pro! Packed with features to elevate your biking experience, this stand is your ultimate companion whether you're showcasing your prized bike or performing routine maintenance tasks.

Key Features:

- Easy to use: Simply place your bike on top for effortless setup.

- All-in-one functionality: From solid maintenance to daily inspection and room display, the iWA1 Pro has got you covered.

- Compatible with any type of bike: Whether it's quick release or through-axle, this stand accommodates them all.

- Secure hold: Float the rear wheel while securely holding your bike in place.

- Floor protection: Rubberized floor contact area prevents damage to your floor.

- Bike protection: PE coating on bike contact area ensures no damage to your bike.

- Workbench: Reduce physical strain during long working hours with the dedicated workbench.

- Fork support: Fix the handle for easier maintenance and cleaning around the fork.

- Detachable: Easily switch between display and maintenance modes with detachable components.

- Compact storage: Fold the dedicated workbench for compact storage when not in use.

- Special parts tray included: Keep your tools organized and parts within reach with the included tray.

[Easy to use]

Can be used by simply placing the bike on top.

[Fork support]

The handle can be fixed for easier maintenance and cleaning around the fork.

[No damage to the floor]

Rubberized floor contact area.

[No damage to the bike]

PE coating bike contact area.

[All the function you need]

Solid maintenance, daily inspection, and room display.


Reduces physical strain during long working hours.

[Compact storage]

Dedicated workbench can be folded for compact storage.

[Included special parts tray]

Tools can be inserted and parts can be placed.

Acceptable Bike Models:

1) iWA1
- Road bike, cross bike, MTB*, mini velo, cyclo-cross bike, gravel bike
- Fits bikes from 20 to 29 inches
- Tire width under 40 mm
- BB width over 51 mm**

2) iWA1 Fork Support attachment
- Quick release and thru-axle compatible
- Weight capacity: 10kg

3) iWA1-PD work bench
- Weight capacity: Equivalent to the load capacity of iWA1, iWA1 Fork Support.

*Under 40 mm tire width
**Depending on the shape, some model may not be used.

Detailed specifications

body size iWA1 alone: ​​(approx.) width 31cm x depth 80cm x height 48cm
iWA1 fork support: (approx.) 14cm x 10cm x thickness 1.9cm
iWA1 dedicated workbench: When collapsed - (approx.) 12cm x 12cm x 66cm
         when expanded - (approx.) )49cm×57×52cm
Material iWA1 unit: Steel (motorcycle contact area: PE coating, floor surface area: rubber)
iWA1 fork support: High-strength resin
iWA1 dedicated workbench: Steel/high-strength resin
Body weight iWA1: Approx. 2.4kg
iWA1 fork support: Approx. 180g
iWA1 dedicated workbench: Approx. 3.7kg
Compatible tire width Up to 40mm
Compatible BB width: 51mm or more
*May not be compatible depending on the shape of the bike.
Load capacity When using iWA1 alone: ​​20kg
When using fork support: 10kg with wheels removed
iWA dedicated workbench: Based on iWA1 and iWA1 fork support set.
  • note:Depending on the shape of the BB, it may not be possible to place it stably. (It can be stabilized by wrapping the included Velcro)
  • note:For bikes with a BB~front hub (core to core) length other than 64cm (±5cm), the front wheel may touch the floor.
  • note:Even if it is within 64cm (+-5cm), the front wheel may touch the floor depending on the frame shape.
  • note:The fork support cannot be used with fork end widths other than 100mm.
  • Note: Quick release shaft and thru axle shaft are not included. If you are using a fork support, please fix it with the quick release shaft or thru axle shaft you are currently using, or prepare one that fits your bike separately.
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